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Whether you’re looking to tone up, slim down or even if you’re more interested in specialised workouts like injury recovery and post natal fitness, our studio has a class for everyone. 

All classes help to improve skin tone, hormone levels, bone density, fat loss, circulation and cellulite.

Power Core

Our Power Core classes are medium impact combining core strengthening and toning exercises for an all over workout. Focusing on glutes, abs, lower back, flexibility and posture. This class is excellent for people who want to move more and feel better.

45 minutes
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Power Tone

Our popular Power Tone class concentrates on strength training that will burn calories, help you build fitness and improve strength using the plate, dumbbells, resistance bands and body weight movements. Other benefits can include, calories burn, increased energy levels, flexibility and better posture.

45 minutes
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Power Flex

This is not a workout, but it is your workouts best kept secret! Therapeutic vibrations work to open the body, enhance a deep stretch, and boost recovery. Power Flex is the best way to relax, stretch and massage any soreness away. Vibration technology works as a high intensity massage to soothe muscle fibers, increase circulation, and flush the lymphatic system. It is also a great way to decrease stress hormones, increase HGH, and blast away any stubborn cellulite as our instructors walk you through our Power Flex recovery class

30 minutes
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Circuit Training

This class has a mix of body conditioning including - body weight movements, TRX, Power Plate, kettlebells, dumbbells and resistance bands. A mix of endurance training, resistance training and high-intensity aerobic exercises performed in a circuit. 6-8 stations, 3 rounds.
A whole Body workout targeting strength, muscular endurance and fat loss.

45 minutes
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A 40 minute whole body workout including boxing pad work, circuit training and body weight movements.
Guaranteed to make you sweat!

40 minutes
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A whole body strength training session, using barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells and Power Plate. Suitable for all fitness levels as modifications are made to suit you and your goals.Benefits of weight training on Power Plate can include- improved skin tone and lean muscle, increased metabolism, improved bone density ,cellulite reduction, decreased stress levels, increased energy levels and lymphatic drainage.

50 minutes
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Power Tabata 

Tabata classes are an effective form of interval training. Ideal for fat loss, cellulite reduction, sculpting and improving your metabolic rate.

30 & 45 minutes
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Our Yoga class is a combination of vinyasa yoga flow, core work finishing with some longer stretch holds and relaxation. Our yoga classes are designed to heal and recover muscles, strengthen and elongate the body, detoxify the system, and leave you feeling energised.

50 minutes
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Our classes are available Monday–Saturday. Our timetable is designed to ensure you can fit in a workout around your busy schedule so we have early morning, evening and day time classes available.

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On top of our small classes, we also offer personal training and private group sessions. If you’re new to working out, require more support or want a truly personalised experience, then our PT sessions will be ideal.

PT sessions can be scheduled around your commitments. Please contact us to discuss your health and fitness goals, and book a session today.

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