Pulse Power is Adelaide’s only fitness studio that specialises in acceleration training for women and men on the revolutionary Power Plate. 

About our classes

We offer classes to suit all fitness levels, so no matter whether you’re at your healthiest, or even if you’re recovering from an injury, Pulse Power classes are suitable for you.

Five minutes from Adelaide’s CBD

We are conveniently located just out of the city on King William Road. Free parking is available.

Discover the difference

At Pulse Power, you get a complete full-body workout in as little as 30 minutes.

Studies have shown that the form of acceleration training we use offers almost 60% improvement in weight loss when compared to other forms of exercise, but this technology is not just for those who are looking to lose weight. Our classes offer the ultimate wellness solution for all ages and abilities.

Book a class today and discover the difference Pulse Power classes make to your health and fitness.

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You have never experienced a workout like what you get on a Power Plate. I saw results so quickly – more toned arms and legs, a flatter stomach and even better skin. I cannot recommend Pulse Power classes enough!

Sarah, 26

I found Power Plate training hugely beneficial during a very stressful period in my life. I noticed a significant decrease in my stress levels and an increase in my energy levels and general well-being.

The training also helped to get my body back on track after having two babies 16 months apart. I've been attending the post-natal classes and have noticed not only a great improvement in my core strength, but also consistent weight loss and reasonably fast recovery after two caesarians.

Kamina, 37

Pulse Power was a real surprise. I focus a lot on weight training but the Pulse Power session really put my strength to the test. I would definitely recommend the session to guys who are looking to increase strength AND endurance.

Tom, 31

I have been a Pulse Power client for four years and there are three main reason I still consistently go. One: it suits all age groups and levels of fitness; two: it is tailored to your individual needs – in my case strength and resistance; three: I really enjoy this form of exercise and Amanda is professional and caring.

Rosemary, 64

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